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Electro-acoustical measurement


With large scale full anechoic chamber, measurement facilities including CLIO/AudioPrecision/NTi and WinMF, and self-developed high-resolution dual-axis robot arm, we provide high-precision acoustic and audio measurements, including loudspeaker 3D directivity measurement and GLL file generating service.

Design consultan


IAC team is experienced with sound system R&D measurements、system tuning as well as sound system application of different kinds. We rely on scientific principles、professional simulation tools and on-site experience to deliver optimized solution for your projects. Whether you are designing a loudspeaker、or commissioning a sound system or even bidding for a project, you should come to us for first-level professional advises and technical support.

Customized Pro-audio


Since its founding, IAC has been holding many pro-audio training classes and webinars. Our featured courses, like Design Sound System with EASEFocus、Electro-acoustic measurement and Sound System Tuning and Learning FIR Audio Filtering, are highly rated by audio technicians. We also co-organized webinars including FIR-Audio-Filtering Season and AES75, a new standard for measuring maximum linear SPL, among many others.